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A blog site that is dedicated to Comedy and Arts with focus on Performing Arts is bound to generate a great deal of interest among visitors to the site. This is primarily because there are various facets to this art form that has enthralled people down the ages. Theatre, an important branch of this art form can be traced back to ancient Greece. Similar is the case with Music with musical instruments being discovered at excavation sites by archaeologists that date back to prehistoric times. Dance forms too are not new and ancient Egypt is famous for scintillating dance recitals performed by courtesans before Pharaohs.

In this scenario, a blog site such as has special significance. We cover various aspects of performing arts such as music, dance and theatre as well as not so conventional forms like circus which is also deemed to be in this category though not with the same level of importance.

If you are wondering how we go about this huge exercise of covering performing arts through blogs, here is a snapshot of our site that will clear the air.

We have categorised our site into the different forms of performing arts and further included comedy in the theatre section. Take our music section for example. Right from tracing the origins of various genres of music to musical instruments, from concerts around the world to info on budding artists, we have it all. You will get news, information and updates from the world of music along with in-depth analysis of music from around the world. The same pattern is followed for our other niches that are dance and theatre and comedy.

Our team of writers are well conversant with the various topics that we cover. Some of them are well known performers while still others are known critics from the world of art. Blogs posted on our site are interesting and guaranteed to capture the attention of visitors to our site.