The Various Facets of Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Before going into the various facets of performing arts, it will be relevant to know what this topic is really all about. Art has many angles to it but the two most important and discussed angles are visual arts and performing arts. In the former case, artists use canvas, paint and other related materials to create static and physical objects like paintings and sculptures. Performing arts on the other hand is where artists use inanimate objects, their voices and their bodies to convey a story or an expression to a live audience in specific buildings such as theatre and opera, on open air stages or even on the streets.

Here are a few facets of this type of art that is commonly performed around the world.


This form of performing arts is related to human movement in tune with music and typical rhythms. Dance types vary between countries and largely rest on the social, cultural, aesthetic and even moral ethos prevailing there. A modern emerging trend in dance forms is that of Free-Dance style which has been prevalent from the 19th-20th century. Here, the structure of the dance is not defined but portrays the physical and spiritual freedom of the performer. Dance performances on stage are usually skilfully choreographed by a professional. On the other hand, dance may be spontaneously carried out in settings where the audience get so moved that they too join in on an impulse.


Theatre is one of the oldest of branches of performing arts. Here actors play out stories in front of a live audience through a combination of speech, gesture, sound, dance and music. In theatre too there are multiple forms such as musicals, opera, plays, illusion, mime, ballet, stand-up comedy and pantomime. The broad concept of theatre can be further categorised into contemporary forms like post-modern theatre and post-dramatic theatre as well as well as non-conventional forms.


Pitch, rhythm and dynamic sounds are all combined to make music and create pleasing sound. A variety of instruments are used to produce music of which the origins of few go back to ancient times. Music can either be played in front of a live audience or made available to people in recorded format. Genres of music include folk, jazz, classical, rock, hip-hop, blues and many others. Music has the ability to control human behaviour as it impacts at emotional levels.

These are a few of the common performing arts as we know today.